The Goldfish is a technological demonstration of what efficency and performance is possible. Using the latest infinitly variable gearbox and lithium batteries, in an unresricted state, the Goldfish is capable of traveling at sustained speeds of over 35mph.climbing hills, all for around 0.18 pence worth of electricity per mile. Which is 100miles for 18 pence!! To top that, it is capable of travelling over 40miles on a single battery charge. All of the previous figures are without pedaling, which is an option if you feel like keeping fit and extending the range/increasing the speed.

The goldfish occumplishes this by having a low frontal area and "slippery" shape maintaining a very low aerodynamic drag. It also weighs less than 60kgs/132lbs ready to go including batteries.


To place the goldfish's efficency in context, the single wind generator shown in the above video produces enough power each year to drive over 6 Million miles in vehicles as efficent as the Goldfish.



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