Skunk Sports Special, 1998


The Skunk Sports Special was our first production model. A leap forward in design and refinement from the Mk1. For this we developed our own GRP body, tuned rising rate suspension, aero-section wishbones, 12“ discs, AP racing callipers, a mechanical paddle- gear change and a unique drive conversion system, to eradicate any rear suspension hardening under power, and allow a 195/15 tyre. The primary engine is the Yamaha XJ900F.

The handling of this vehicle is truly exquisite. Its perfect weight balance and un-compromised suspension and steering geometry work superbly. This trike is completely driver responsive giving any driver the ultimate driving experience. The boundaries between driver and machine start to fade. Its a great driving thrill.


Weight 285 kg / 627 lbs
power 100+bhp
Top speed 132Mph / 211 kph
0-60 4.9 seconds





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