Q: Why 3 wheels?

There are many advantages of a correctly balanced three wheel configuration, particularly when introducing electric power:

* There is only need for one motor reducing weight, complexity, performance and reliablity. Usually 4 wheeled vehicles use either two or four individual motors.

* There is no need for a differential, therefore eliminating a lot of the associated negative handling characteristics. This gives you extremely crisp controllable power.

* A common problem with 4 wheeler handling is, when correcting a slide, there is a tendency for the rear end to fish tail in the wrong direction. This often causes the vehicle to crash on the inside of the corner as the driver attempts to compensate. This is essentially caused by the weight transfer between the rear wheels . There is not the same weight transfer on our trikes. This makes our trikes incredibly safe and “forgiving” vehicles to drive. They are easy to control in a drift and correcting a slide with opposite lock is also straightforward.

* Weight .... Simply put IT IS LIGHTER!!!

Q: Surely with only one rear wheel it must have less traction?

Well, according to physics NO! The reason for this is simple, traction (grip) for a given tyre is directly proportional to the weight it is carrying. Therefore, if we were to have the same weight spread over two identical wheels, we would have exactly the same grip.

Q: How practical is it as an everyday vehicle?

It really depends on your point of view, motoring background and of course the climate you intend on driving it in. If you have come from riding a bike then you will be pleasently surprised by the level of comfort and weather protection provided. The servicing and reliablity should be extremely good.

Of course, as you are no longer burning expensive oil based fuels, the day to day fuel cost is a fraction of a conventional internal combustion engined vehicle. In the UK the fuel cost is around 0.9pence / mile opposed to 7.7pence (ordinary small low power hatchback @70MPG).

Q: Is any weather protection available?

Basically put, it is all too much weight in the wrong place. We design for maximum performance and handling. As such we have no plans for any further weather protection.

Saying this, I have been pleasantly surprised to find the interior totally dry even after travelling on motorways in heavy rain. Basically over a certain speed the rain/spray is blown over the passenger compartment.

A tono cover is available for use when parked.

Q: How much space is there?

People come in all shapes and sizes. We believe it is simplistic to design a vehicle around the average. Our trikes have enough cockpit room to fit tall people; up to 6ft.5in. . There is also good width in the seating area allowing a comfortable experience for broader people.

We have incorporated two very useful storage areas, a boot and a very large glove compartment. In all, enough room for a couple to go away for the weekend.




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